Anyone need a Co-writer/Partner


I can help with coding a little, and I am good with titles sometimes. Oh and if there are errors I could help you also.


Yeah hi I’m new to making episode and im a little confused on the coding so it would be great to have a partner thanks. :two_hearts::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart:


Oh fabulous! I totally can help with coding. Send details on the story, and if you need a title I’m great with that. Also I can PM you my codings.


Idk if this is still open here but I could need someone who would help me with uhm almost everything here xD and maybe someone who would write some storys with me…?


I’d love too!


Yay thanks! Can i contact you in any way? (Btw I‘m sorry if my English isn‘t that good ^^‘ I‘m not from an english speaking Country so I apologice for every fault I make xD)


I can speak what you speak to help
Oh and my phone number to stay in contact. Or my account details


Uh what? xD


You speak another language?


Yes xD


Could I speak that language to help?


Uh if you can speak German? Than this could help I think xD but you can speak english tho i can understand almost everything I‘m just not that good in writing in English xD


I can speak that language.


Sollten wir anfangen? Ja Nein?


It’s not to well


Not bad xD maybe we can help each other :smiley: I think I need to sleep now xD but i can just contact you over Pm I think?


In Ordnung! Bis bald. Auch PM ist in Ordnung.


Bis morgen!


Yes okay.


Hi! I really wanna make one story so if you can help me I would be really thankful.