Anyone need a Co-writer/Partner

hi! I’m interested to work with you ! Do message me , if you are interested , my instagram is @episode.iintxxn

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I can help you

I don’t like/have instragram.

Hey :wave:t5: How can I contact you to send you the details of the story.

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Um you can message me on here. Or have my number.

Ok so basically I have a name for my story it called last one I’m just having trouble with coding the character customisation and so the readers can choose their own name.

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Well you have to name the chracter
and the character can customize them and the name
Also you have to use NAME everytime someone says the CHARACTERS name.

Ok how about character customisation should I use a template that’s on the side

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If it helps. Try using youtube.

Thank you really much! But do you know how should I contact maybe?

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It can be on message, or contact, (Out of this app)