Anyone need a hand?

If anybody needs help with dialogue, coding, writing, going through ideas, etc. HMU!
I am more than happy to help.

I’ve got lots of ideas in this tiny head of mine if anybody needs brainstorming or just somebody to list their ideas to.


Ty! :heart:

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I am making a group of writing team where we all write different stories. There will be coders, writing, video editor and so on, if you are interested, please PM me

Aww you are so cute :pleading_face::heart:
I got many ideas in my tiny head too :joy:
But im not so good at coding
so i’ll pm you if I have any difficulties??
And I feel like you’re already ny friend bcz you love and comment my many posts and you seem soooo nice.

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hi @lynneh can you help me in the story with the warnings, please (my story hehe) :joy:


Awww, thank you. Please PM if you need anything.

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Yes, of course!

Yes I will :relieved:

Hey there girl! Well I need a partner with some script helping will you be able to help me?

Thanks @iynneh

Yes please, I’m writing my first episode story and I’m stuck with coding…