Anyone need a partner?

Hi! Saw many people look for a partner here.
What I offer:
-being online a lot
-helping develop characters
-being able to help u with plot holes+follow ur story
-being test reader
-sometimes help with coding (by sometimes I mean sometimes once or twice for an episode)
-help with coding by giving advices+tips (I’m an advanced coder)
What I won’t do:
-A full partner (someone who thinks of 50-60% of the story)
-code each episode(im writing my story and I need time for it, not to mention I’m a commission artist)

Hope I don’t seem harsh!

Would be nice to find someone who can fill my plot holes in the story as well! (And a test reader who can give criticism)

A bit about me:
-19 years old
-speak russian (mother language) English/German (fluent) Latin
-advanced coder

Contact me here and I would love to work over IG, but that’s not necessary. If u already have a story with a few chapters, u can send me the link PM

Yes! I have been looking for a writing partner for awhile. I have a few chapters done but a few things still need to be fixed and stuff but I would love for you to be my writing partner if you can. :grinning:

Can u tell me more about ur story?:3

It’s a Mafia Love story. I have everything thought out and such this is my first story so I am not that advanced yet. But the first 2 episodes are in the past and we fast forward 5 years later and the two are married and having there first kid on the way. And they are thinking if they should tell or if they should keep it a secret. Idk if it makes sense but once you read it and stuff it will make more sense lol.

Can u pm me the link?