Anyone need a story idea? I got plenty to share

I love coming up with stories but I can never finish an actual story itself. So if you need an idea or help with one, I am your gal! :smirk: I only ask that I get alittle bit of credit in the story, or be mentioned, or put me in the story (like a side character that isn’t really needed but just to be in the background). All you need to do is give me a genre, fantasy, horror, romance, fiction, etc.


Give me an idea on mystery please!

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Give me an idea on a fantasy

Mystery…not my strongest one, but I will try not to disappoint.
A family member has gone missing, but no one seems to remember this missing family member except for their twin.?
They say there is a house in the woods that is haunted, a group of (kids, teens, adults, your choice on who) gone in to find the truth, only to want out. Is the house haunted? What has them wanting to leave?

Hi I would love a romance idea, if you don’t mind :blush:

Fantasy…lions, dragons, and vampires oh my! :joy:
Fairy’s, vampires, and the lovely werewolves lived amongst the humans as equals beings. A human person writes about monster, only to discover that they exist and some are even out to get that human person. Oh my!

Romance…ah such a delicate touch this has to be, touch the hearts of all who reads.
A person (your choice of male or female of course) is adopted into a family of three (twins, and a father), the person falls for the twins and the twins fall for her, but when the father dies, some truth is revealed about the “adoption” turns out the person is half related to the twins. A tragic love story.

Thank you so much :blush:

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Thank you for your idea

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Hm…would you mind giving me a horror or thriller idea?

Horror/thriller…not my strongest suit but I shall try.
A family moves into a new place to start all over. After they settled in they start to hear things moving in the wall. Things disappear around the house. They family dog/cat (if any) disappears. There’s a character living in their house, in their wall. Oh what does this character wants?

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could you give me one on drama? The story title is autumn and it’s about a girl (her name is autumn) could you help me out? thanks!

Drama…the thing that gives heartbreak to all…
Autumns boyfriend (or girlfriend) is cheats on her with her sister (or best friend).

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