Anyone need a story idea? I got plenty to share


Oh ok


A really good romance Idea please.


A spoiled rich person (let’s just call him A) falls in love (but doesn’t realize it) with a medium class woman who is in love with the spoiled kids brother ((we’ll call him B)who is his step brother who grow up in the medium class). A and Bs grandma hates grandson B and this girl but she adores grandson A.
Sounds good so far? Or do you want another?


Dang your good but that one seems a bit complicated I really want something that will grab lots of attention.


I always thought the complicated ones were great catchers. Lol. I’m sure you can change it to make it no complicated.


Hmm, your right thank you! How should I credit you?


just A shout out will do.




Can i get an idea for romance or drama plzzz


Romance/Drama…To love or to hate
They been childhood friends, she loses her family at a young age and starts to depends on him/her. Feelings have developed. But what happens when someone else enters the picture?


tell me more about this idea! thanks btw


Could you give me a story idea for a romance story?


Romance…almost like Romeo and Juliet.
He/she loved his/her childhood best friend. But a Tragedy happens. He/she disappears and no one seems to remember him/her. Will she/he be able to find him/her?


Thank you so much! How can I credit you for the idea?


A shout out will work. Lol shout out to Lilysmith10 or Eva.


Three main character, A, B, and C (that’s what I’ll name them, you can name them differently and whatnot, but I’m going with non genders so you could choose that. A and B have been childhood friends, and neighbors. One day Bs family had an accident and only B survived. Now B lives in the house alone (rich family) and becomes very independent but only has A as a friend. (Doesn’t know how to interact with other people or doesn’t know how to make friends) A pushes B away because A started having feelings and didn’t know how to handle them. At this point B becomes depress. Then C moves across the street and becomes friends with B. C soon develops for B.
(I hope this helps)




Terribly sorry for the late reply. But I hope you have fun with it.

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