Anyone need a story plot?

Need a story idea? Click here! I can make story plots for you whatever genre you want! Please let me know when you publish with one of my ideas so I can read it! :wink:

Hey! I would looooove some extra ideas for my story! Can you pm me?

How about helping improve an idea? I’m thinking up a story about a teenage guy thats born into wealth but keeps to himself and a teenage girl that’s poor, but is popular. These two hate each other, but something happens where they have to find a way to tolerate each other.

why do they hate each other?

I think that is already a good plot.

The guy hates the girl because she makes his life a living hell. The girl hates the guy because she feels that he gets special privelages due to who his parents are and he’s friends with someone that is hated by half the girls in school.

how does she make his life a living hell?

i think when u ask more questions about ur story, it can help finalise your plot, how u know roughly what’s gonna happen

maybe they could both have a secret that’s the same? and that brings them together

idk just something i thought of just now lol

Can you pm me? I really want to write a drama thriller that takes place in high school but I can’t make any ideas without them being cliche.

Hey, I definitely can use some help :persevere:

I decided to participate in a short story with some members of the forums but I can’t really think of anything. The genre I was assigned to was Action and if you could add a tiny bit of Romance in there too that would be great! (I like happy couple endings lol). But, that’s not a must. One more thing, I only have 1 episode to write this story. It’s in INK if that also helps. How would it start and end? What would it be about? If you want to, you can pm me some ideas too.