Anyone need a writing partner

I’ve been feeling really bored recently. I would love to be someone’s writing partner. If interested please reply with the genre & a small idea on what your story would be about.


Hey! I don’t have a story idea at the moment besides the stories I already have in development, but I’m curious what your episode experience is. I have never done a partnership and always thinking on potential partners for the future!

I’m in need of writing buddy. Somebody who gives criticism on my story and can help with with ideas. If you like that idea I would appreciate the help❤️

I volunteer

I would love to read what you’ve got already. I can pitch in some ideas.

I’ve never actually had a partner either and thought I would try it out. As for my episode experience I only have some stories I’ve been working on (non of them official). But I love to write, though I’m a bit rusty since I’ve been busy in school but I have time now.

Would love to accept your help. I can offer the same I need to you too. Like bouncing off ideas, plot, criticism and just be buddy talking about our stories?

Yea I would love that! Do you have insta? We can chat there

I cant message you there for some reason but I’ve added u

i really need a writing partner, I have an idea for my story and would love to share it with you, it would help me so much if you helped write it!


Yes I can’t message u either I thought it was just me