Anyone need an advanced coder?

I’m an advanced coder and willing to work with anybody, just be sure to credit me.


Hi I could use some help

Sure, do you insta?

I could also use some help, I’m not familiar with coding at all.

yes my name is natalies_.episode

Yes I would love to work on my story script with me!

Yes I could ahah my insta is annie_stories_episode

Sure! What’s your insta?

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followed u

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do u have discord instead?

No, sorry.

Accepting now!

I could use some help coding. I’m having a bit of trouble :laughing:

Hey there i’d love it if you could help me

Sure, what’s your insta?

What’s your insta?


it’s molly.epi

Hey i would like some help my ig is @episode.ale_. Contact me if you can thanks