Anyone need an artist for their story? (Closed)

I could be wrong but I don’t think TyLo is technically taking “requests.” I think TyLo’s offering to be someone’s personal artist for their (one) story. So if we’re interested, then they’re asking to PM a description of our story and if they like it then they will choose that story & author to work with :slight_smile: But I may have misunderstood it :sweat_smile:


Hey, I was wondering if you could do some art for a story that I want to work on.

The story is about a mafia boss who’s wife was in an explosion because of a rival mafia and got her memory wiped by the explosion. The mafia boss after 2 years than runs into his lost wife and they fall in love once again. Eventually, the wife regains her memory but that is more to the end of the story.

I hope you like my idea and get back to me with a response. I have the first episode finished so I can send it to you if you want to see more of where I’m going. :slight_smile:

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I did, I just wasn’t sure if you were still taking them. I didn’t want to just pop into your DMs without asking. May I still send my story’s description in? :blob_hearts:

Yep, you’re right- I quickly typed “requests” when I means “a request” without thinking. You might think that even by saying “a request” I’m still requesting a specific art piece. However, in this case I’d mean to send in a description — as a request that it would be read and my story would be considered. I apologize for the confusion! Yikes :grimacing:
Have a good day! :relaxed:

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Oh sorry! Lol and no need to apologize hun! I just misunderstood your post :slight_smile:My bad. :llama: lol have a lovely day! :four_leaf_clover::sunny:

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