Anyone need an artist?

Hey, I’m Paige. I’m kinda bored and want to do some art, so here are my examples. Just tell me if you want something done.





Your examples are really great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart:

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Hi, your examples are amazing!:slight_smile: Could I have something like the 4th one please with my instagram on it?!

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Yeah sure, just send me the character details and your instagram username.

These are amazing! :grin: something like the 4th one with my Instagram on it would look great!

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Send me your character details and your instagram username :smile:

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My instagram name is @crazygranted.episode and could I have the character look like me?:smiley:

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Like your profile picture?

Yes please!

I don’t know that I’ll be able to draw the braids. It’s pretty hard.

You don’t have to draw braids, you can draw curly hair or straight hair.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!!

Here you go! (I kinda like this better than the original not gonna lie)

helloo, your art is great btw, I was wondering if you could do me backgrounds for my up coming story , if you can great but if you cant that’s fine lol x

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I can’t make backgrounds, but I can draw art scenes?

okay great , right now I just need backgrounds as my story is ready to be published but I don’t have any backgrounds lol , how do you want to do this ?

Like I said, I don’t make backgrounds, but @Problematic_Patrick does. He is really amazing and I’m sure he could help you when he’s done with his other clients. Sorry i can’t help. xx

sorry miss read it , ohh okay thank you , can you do me an art scene ?

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Yeah, just send character details, a reference picture, and what background you want.