Anyone need any help or requests done come here?


I am here to help you get help or advice or any art edits you need for your stories here are some examples. I also make art



Heyy, I really want to start drawing using episode art style but once I start drawing I just look at it and it looks like crap. I always end it up restarting and also I lack materials I don’t have a pen (for iPad) to start with and when I use my finger it doesn’t look good. I really want to draw but I’m not good in it. :frowning:


Well I’m not best either I started with downloading ibisPaint X but I wasn’t that comfortable to me so i downloaded another app called SketchBook and it has a blur paint pen highlighter and loads of ways to draw it also has a hair tool.

It can also zoom in so it’s easy to draw on.

Hope this helped :two_hearts::two_hearts:


@Helpieme Thank you so much! Your reply helps, and I wish I would start drawing and not stopping <3. Do you have an instagram account? I want to follow you so I could connect with you more :slight_smile:


Yes I have an account called katiexoxoart and your welcome :joy::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts:


You can text me whenever you like


Thankk you very much <3 Talk to you soon :blush:


Ok and btw I turned my notifications off on insta so I may not text asap as I won’t realise :joy::joy::two_hearts::two_hearts:


And I’m going out today so yeah


I don’t mind :smile: I’m officially your 5th follower, you deserve more though.


Thanks you can text me if you want


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