Anyone need anything?

This is my first cover I’ve ever made! If you like this one I don’t mind making yours! Also, is there anyone that can make art scenes for me? Please don’t recommend, I’d rather the artist them self come to me - so I’m not bothering them by messaging them! Thank you so much!


I don’t need a cover right now but I just want to tell you that this is good

Thank you! It was the first I’ve ever made :slight_smile:

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Awesome job! :hugs:

Your very welcome!

I need a title page can you please help me

So you need a cover page, like what my example looks like? Cause I can make one just send me your character details that you want on the front, the title of your story and like the theme you want with the story ^^ I’m not sure I can do limelight but I’ll try

Idk if you make overlays but do you think you can make me an overlay of the int. mall boutique shoe display? Lol no rush I’m just kind of too lazy to do it myself ><

I do for lot of people special art scenes- @miri.episode < instagram

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I dont do overlays sorry hon :frowning: Idk how tbh