Anyone need backgrounds? I can help you find some!

Heyyyy. If anyone needs backgrounds for their stories, I can find some for you! Also, if you need a background switched to day or night I can do that! Also, I can resize your backgrounds to the correct size for Episode. (you can also do it yourself if you go here:

If you would like to request a background, please do it here, it is more organized that way:


Hi there Lexy, I could really use some help!

I am trying to find a talk show set background that doesn’t have any tables or chairs on it, just the stage. My scene takes places at a Japanese variety show, so I thought about using the Int. Gameshow background provided by Episode but it has those pesky podiums in the way.

Anything you can do to help me, I’d greatly apprecaite it! :grin:

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I would love to help you! Right now I’m kind of busy, but I will help you tomorrow, if that’s okay! :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate that so much, thank you! Whenever you have the time!

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Are either of these good? :slight_smile: Sorry if they aren’t, the place I got them from didn’t have many options for what you’re looking for :frowning:

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Sorry I just saw this reply! And these are cute, I’m leaning more towards the second one. I know it’s an odd request, so I appreciate the help, thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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your welcome! Anytime! :grin:

Hey, I’m looking for a background with a tatty house, [interior]

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Do you mean like a broken down house?

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Like a run down house but it’s good enough to live in it.

Okay, I can look for one :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Jeremy please close this topic :slight_smile:


You got it @Lexy_Ellen