Anyone Need Characters For Edits?

Does anyone need characters for covers, art scenes, or Edits? I can help! Just tell me what you need!

I do

I need foe edits I need a girl and a boy

I’ll get right on that is it classic, Limelight or Ink?

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ink and limelight

Okay on it!

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Here are the characters for Ink:

If something needs to be changed just tell me.

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Thank you

You’re welcome!

And here are the characters for limelight!

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I do honestly

Okay, what do you need?

I need a cover for my new story friends with queen bee

I can

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Use it please I need to choose who’s doing it

I’m sorry to say, if you are requesting from multiple I cannot do your request.

Have a great day!
~ Alyssa :heart:

Pardon? What do you mean by that

If you are asking for a cover from multiple people, I will not be doing your request.

As an artist, we have the right to reject client’s requests.

Ok… :neutral_face:

I still make it