Anyone need cover art or character edits? (Closed to catch up)

Does anyone need cover art or maybe a edit of your avatar??It may not be at a professional level but I think it’s pretty good!!
Here is my very first one as an example

I have even better ones and will be taking request so feel free!!


I would love cover art for my story!

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll kindly provide details :slight_smile:

What did you have in mind? I’ll be happy to help!! :upside_down_face:


Well my story is about a crew being stranded on their ship, with a sort of deadly parasite that is spreading throughout the ship (Character’s can die based on player’s choices)

So I was thinking of having a cover made…

Perhaps of a spaceship in space as the cover art? Or maybe a character (can provide details) looking scared as he is locked in a room?

How does that sound? :slight_smile:

I love the locked in a room idea! If you can send a photo of the character that would be great! Also if u want any additional text on the cover.

I think just ‘STRANDED’ on the cover would work well, creates a sort of isolation due to lack of space if you know what I mean haha.

I was also thinking of the character being in the locked room could be the Captain? To portray some helplessness?

Body: Ink Male (Taupe)
Brows: Thin Arch
Nose Type: Thin
Lips: Small round (Taupe)
Hair: Spiked up Hair (Black)
Face: Chiseled Square
Eyes: Narrow Gentle (Brown)


  • Bomber Jacket
  • Pilot Pants
  • Skater Guy Black sneakers

This is perfect :ok_hand:t5:. My last question is that if this is time sensitive or need to be done by a certain time? So I know the type of editing I can get done in that time.

There’s no time requirement :slight_smile:

But it would be nice to get it soon. :smiley:

Of course! I can get it done soon. I was wondering if you would consider the character to wear a pirates outfit? This is just a suggestion so if you disagree I can get it done as stated before but it might take more time.

Oh, when I said Ship I meant a Spaceship haha

Sorry about not clarifying :sweat_smile:

Lol it’s fine then you will have it as stated but because I do this on mobile the outfit might have a slight change but I can do my best.:joy:

No problem. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Np I may have it done at some point tomorrow but if not I can assure you it will be done the day after.:upside_down_face:

Great! Look forward to seeing it.

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Hi, I decided to stay up late to get this done rather than to risk forgetting about it tomorrow. (I swear I have the memory of a goldfish)lol but I can send it now if you’re still up. Also if you don’t Mind giving me credit I would really appreciate it. I’ll be sure to read your story!

Hey! I love your character edit sm, I would love one to put on my story :blush:
If you could do one that would be great, just let me know if you can and I’ll send you the character details

Thank you so much! I would love to make an edit for you. The only thing I request is that u give me credit.

Ofc, I was planning on doing that anyways, it sucks when people don’t give credit.

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IKR so what did you have in mind??