Anyone need cover art or character edits? (Closed to catch up)


Sorry I meant like a picture when u send me the link it pops up fine for u it doesn’t so I need a picture to see what u see so I can direct u on how to fix it




That’s weird if u type in the link or click it It should take u to this screen


what should i type?


In google search bar type in the link I sent. Don’t click it. Then show me what u see


this is what i see


I’m sorry I really don’t know what to do. Normally the portal would pop up but since it isn’t try looking for someone who codes or help with this kind of thing. Sorry


ok thanks for trying


Idk if this works (maybe if your a new episode user) but scroll down if you can, and you’ll see create a story


yes i saw that but i already started my new story on my mobile how do i put it on computer?


Oh it should be there it should say manage story


Click that and on the side u should see ur story


Hey I would like it ypu coild make me ome of those they are really cool






Hi ,can someone tell me how to edit my story as it won’t let me


Hello do you know how to edit my story i have not finish but i cannot edit it


What exactly is the problem??


Hi kalissa thanks so much for your help last night .can you make me a cover for my story called love or hate?