Anyone need help? I'm here!

Hello, fellow Episodians! If anyone has any questions about coding or needs help with something and you can’t find help anywhere, feel free to ask me! Also, if you need someone to proof-read your story I could do that, too! And one more thing, if you need backgrounds I can help you find some, and you don’t have to credit me. (because I don’t make them lol)


Hey there, Lexy_Ellen! Do you maybe know how I can change the size from a background from JPG to PNG? :slightly_smiling_face::hearts:

I haven’t tried this site out myself, but it should work. Lemme know if it works ok :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help but unfortunately it didn’t work. Maybe I’m just too silly for it :joy: :wink:
Could you maybe try it? :see_no_evil::hearts:

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Hi to change it I use GIMP - its free program I use it also for cuting out parts for creating overlays - you just export is as png file easy peasy. :slight_smile:


Ok Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::hearts:

I’m sorry it didn’t help :frowning: but at least someone else could :slight_smile:

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No problem! :slightly_smiling_face::hearts:

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Hi again! :smile: I already read a few things about it and watched videos but somehow I can’t figure out how I can use my overlay. Every time I try it, it doesn’t work. Can someone please help me?

To use overlays I think you add to your background.
For example:
INT. BEDROOM - DAY with Table
I think that’s how it works…? :joy:
And then to change it you just spot direct it like a character kind of i don’t really know that much about overlays

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Ok, thanks. :joy::hearts: Well I did it like that and it doesn’t work:
@zoom on 640 0 to 178% in 5
@overlay WOUND create
@overlay WOUND opacity 1
@overlay 4844138276651008_WOUND shifts to -492 0
@overlay 4844138276651008_WOUND scales to 1.000 1.000

@overlay 4844138276651008_WOUND shifts to 42 21 in 1
@overlay 4844138276651008_WOUND scales to 0.179 0.179 in 1
And I added the overlay name to my background as well but my overlay doesn’t move to the right spot :pensive:
This might help you :slight_smile:

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OMG!! It worked! Thank you so so much! :hearts::relaxed:

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I need help. My choice isn’t working and I don’t know why. It looks fine to me…

“Shove Him” {

    RAINY (talk_angry)
Don't bother me again.

@RAINY is shove_argument_give_angry AND DYLAN is shove_argument_receive_angry

} “Slap Him” {

    RAINY (talk_angry)
No girls would ever want to date you. They're not toys.

    DYLAN (talk_angry)
I never said they were!

@RAINY walks to upscreen left AND MEILIN walks to screen left AND MEILIN faces right AND MEILIN is stepback_scared_loop AND RAINY is walk_angry_loop

@RAINY is slapface_give_angry AND DYLAN is slapface_receive_angry

} “Just Leave” {

    RAINY (talk_angry)
Don't talk to me again.


Also how do i add say, a gun into the picture like attached to someone’s hand? and then how would i get rid of it?

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Hey! I can’t find a mistake in your choice but maybe I can help you with the rest. So you want a character to hold a gun and then remove it at some time? Did I get that right?

the choice looks fine… can you send a screenshot of the error? Do you have some kind of action or dialogue that happens after the end of the choice? Because sometimes it won’t let it work until there’s something after it.

Also to add a gun it would look like this:
@add Handgun to CHARACTER (replace character with the character name)
And to remove it:
@remove Handgun from CHARACTER
Also, the things I just said are for ink, so for limelight just put Gun Pistol Black instead of Handgun

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Hi, so you said you can help with anything. I forgot a story name, and now I can’t find it. It was about a girl who lived somewhere cold, she and her whole village or something had to work. There was something like a war for a while and she managed to escape from the village. Someone found her and bringed to shelter for kid like them. If I remember correctly she had very light skin and red hair

sorry, I don’t know that story and I couldn’t find it. Is there anything else that you know about it?

It’s ganre is fantasy, and I kind of remember that I found it from the same author who wrote Emerald, but I’m not sure