Anyone need help with anything?

I can help you. At least I can try to help you with the best of my abilities.


Marshmello_O do you need help with anything?

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nope! i just liked the post 'cause i appreciate what you’re doing! :grin:

Oh ok!

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Do you know anyone that needs help with anything?

I need help…

hi! yes i need some help, so my speech bubbles stay in one place, and i did the speechbubble reset with the @ and the & symbols, nothing. i took out the code for changing the speech bubble placement, nothing. how do i make it so it goes to their characters?

Welcome @katie.on.episode!

Ok. I will be back one in probably 1 1/2 so I respond. Can you guys send me the coding? If possible
@katie.on.episode @Venom_King

It’s not “coding”. My screen is frozen. I can’t do anything on it. I can type up to;
@CHARACTER stands scr
If I’m able to get anything down before the page goes bonkers.

Ok. So I say restart the computer or phone you are working on then try web site again.

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Try that and see if it works.

Did it work?? @Venom_King

Blessed that this thread exists :pray:t3::joy:

So… my actual question, did they get rid of pizza in Episode Limelight? Like I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and I know how to use props and stuff, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

First time writing, I appreciate the help :blush:

Hey its not a prop it comes with the animation! :wink:


Yea, it’s an animation. The limelight female pizza animation is eat_pizza_neutral and the ink female animation is eat_pizza talk_happy_raise_pizza or talk_hold_pizzabox.


Thank you guys so much! There’s only one animation so I must’ve just missed it. Got it now! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

NP always up to help others!

i actually figured it out, but thank you!

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This is weird to cask on my own thread but, can anyone make backgrounds? Please and thank you. I want a background that is a counselling room/therapist room but its also a meditation room, so the counsellor is more of a free spirit guide. So basically a funky therapist office