Anyone need help with anything?

I need help!!!

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What do you need help with? And welcome to the episode forums @Melaniedanielle

I have been trying to write a story FOREVER and even use dara maries templates(i think thats her user) & no matter what I do it doesnt work. It works with INK but no limelight which is what I want to use. I change everything to my characters name but it goes down the list telling me half the facial features dont exist

So that happens because the features for ink and limelight can or are different.

Yes I use the limelight template. Its just not working, and I get so upset!

There you go!

Thank you

Can I ask for help again how do you make that box come down from on top

Need help with anything else?

What do you mean?

What box? Speech bubble?

I’m trying to do the point system for what outfit I want my girl to wear. Throughout the story I want my main character to build relationships through the point system. I came to a place in the script where I want MC to earn what outfit she wears from previous choices, but when I replay the episode nothing happens and she doesn’t change clothes. Can you help?

I can try and welcome to the forums! Have you looked at Joseph Evans video on the point system? That might help you.

You have to if then the first choice name then if choice 2 name. If that makes sense. If not just watching Joseph Evans point system video.

Yes I think

I mean this

it’s called toaster or reader message and coding looks like this:

readerMessage your message here

Ok. Yes, that is a reader message.

You can’t move the reader message down unfortunately.