Anyone Need Help?

Hey Everyone!!! So I’m getting back into Episode because I took a couple months break for my mental health. I love to write and generate ideas and I am also going into a Computer Science major so coding stories has always been a blast for me. It’d take me a second to readjust to the coding as I took a break but I thought I’d offer my services to anyone who needs/wants help! I am a senior in high school so I wouldn’t have ALL the time in the world but I’d love to help out where ever possible! Writing, Brainstorming, Coding, whatever you guys need! :sparkling_heart:


Would you like to cowrite with me?

I am writing my entry for the upcoming contest, and as an high school senior myself, it’s not like I have a lot of free times.

I have already code it, but It would be great for you to look into it and see if you can improve the qualities.

English isn’t my first language so grammatical help would also be great!

I could use some help coding a choreography scene, if that’s something you’d like to do! :smiley:

Can someone please cowrite with me?

Gosh time flies fast! If you somehow still need help, I am able! Just message me and I’ll get back to you!!!

Again, finishing graduating takes time ha! If you somehow still need help or any other assistance, let me know!

I’d so, very, appreciate some help please!

Oh awesome! What do you need some help with? We can also private message! You let me know! :sparkling_heart:

I would like help coding with my story I’m helping

I would love to help in any way I can! You just let me know! :sparkling_heart:

Hi, I could really use someone to just talk about my story ideas/plans with. I feel like just talking them through motivates me to write, so if you wouldn’t mind that would be helpful if you’re up for it.

Absolutely! Private dm or whatever you wish, I’m here to listen! :sparkling_heart:

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Hello I already have a Writing Partner, but we need someone to help us code because we are not that advanced in coding, is there any way that you can help?

So sorry for the late reply, I’ve been at work! I would love to help you if you guys still need it! Just let me know!

I actually need help too. I suck at the coding and I’ve tried watching tutorials but I just can’t get it. I have a really good story and I’ve planned it out. But I just can’t do it. Kinda want someone else to do it at this point. I’ve been trying for months lol

Haha oh I totally get you! I’d love to help you if you need it! Let me know!

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Omg yes please lol

Hey guys :> So I’m a new writer and I’m struggling a bit with spot directing but usually when I use spot directing everything is fine but I cannot figure out why my command won’t properly work. For example I wanted my character to move to a specific spot but with walk_sad but she doesn’t do that actions she just walks rapidly to the spot can anyone help? thank youu in advance xx

EDEN (talk_think)
I guess so but how are we gonna get down?

@pause for a beat

@EDEN starts walk_scared AND EDEN walks to spot 0.130 135 665

so im using this command but she doesn’t do the action instead she walks rapidly and directly to the spot. Ive also tried this one but same results.

@EDEN walks to spot 0.130 135 665 AND EDEN is walk_scared

For the first part the @EDEN starts. Change starts to is And see if that helps- I might be wrong cuz I’m new to coding too but I think that’s the problem if not can you take a ss of your script and share it ?