Anyone need some outfits designed?

I’m a pretty busy person so I don’t know if I’ll ever get to writing my own stories (even if I do have some fully thought out ideas) but I love to occasionally pop on and create outfits for the stories that are still in my head! So I figured I’d open that up to someone who might actually use the outfits instead!

Free, no credit required. All I’d need is the details of your character (like skin tone, hair color/style, all of that) and any additionals (tattoos, freckles, scars, etc.) to help design the outfits since not all outfits would work with every character. Then just tell me the style(s) you’re looking for and I’ll get some created!

I’m bored right now so let me create some outfits for you :slight_smile:

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Some examples of my own characters!

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If you’re in the mood, I need a bunch of casual teen outfits, things you’d wear to hang out with your friends, go to school, go to a soccer game, etc.

Most are in the ages 14-17

Sure! I’ll work on some now. Admittedly I’m not a teen so I’m not super familiar with current teen style but I should be able to create a few things! :slight_smile:

hey can you make some outfit that i’ll go with this lady right here?
emotions- kaisha

I can do that! What’s her age and what style are you aiming for?

The last picture was her daily look
this is her night look

She kind but she can be bitter
She has the ‘‘sweet but psycho’’ vibe
She’s also ‘’ innocent but a total freak’’ :wink:


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Oh and she’s 22 :grinning:

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Did my best to recreate her for these looks!

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Thanks so much this really help! if i need an other outfit reccomendation i will defenitely PM you! :grinning:

tbh you imagined her better than i did :wink:

Glad to hear that! I love putting outfits together :slight_smile:

same but people will say:
too revealing
too covered
too ugly
too beautifull

i swear it’s anoying like
Who asked???

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I’m doing a new story sequel I’ll like some:

Little girl outfit. her age is 5 years old.

Can you also create some outfits for her father is 26 years old.

Can you also create some outfits for her Loves interest she is 24 years old.

Any outfit is fine with me.

Sure. Have you designed the characters yet? If so, let me know what they look like!

I’ll dm you the picture

Moved to Art Resources since this is about outfit design.