Anyone Need Story Ideas



If there is anyone who needs help with ideas for their story , I might have some ideas, I am very creative , lets make the stories more dramatic and interesting for the readers



Your name tells everything :joy:


i could use some story ideas (it is for a novel that might become an episode story)


What is your main genre or just the genres you want to include ?


sci fi or fantasy


Would like some idea…though not for episode just for a daily dose of writing
Something like…a hidden thriller like a story that is like a drama but with thriller
thats why its hidden thriller


Hey I have a story idea and a begging but I’m not sure where to take it


Beginning not begging


Can you message me a little detail of it. Maybe we can work it out then.


Hey girl! I love your idea! But I do just want to wait a little to see if anyone else has ideas. So then I could work every everyone’s idea in. I will let you know!




I need a story idea. Please and thank you ^^


First what genre do you want it to be based on ? Drama, horror, mystery ?