Anyone needing characters idea?


I love coming up with characters BIO and personalities. If you need a character for your story, or just an idea of a character, please let me know and I will do my best to give you a character you may be looking for.


Could you…um like give me an Idea of a character please? For my story?


Male or female?
Personality or backstory?


Hey @lilysmith10. I’d like your help on a few charcater’s backstories please. :blush:

Char 1

I need your help on a backstory for this character, who is @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE.

I want to have her personality as bubbly and confident, but I’m not sure of a backstory. She is an important character in my upcoming story because she helps the MC realise her sexuality. Anyways, what would be a good backstory for her? :slight_smile:


Her name is Andrea. She is cool and mostly confident and sarcastic and laid back. I based her on my personality lol. I need a backstory for her please.

Char 3

Her name is Alison. She is shy around new people, rich, nice, and likes shopping but isn’t a brat lol. I need a backstory for her please.

Thank you! :wink:


Character 1: (gotta day I like the dress choice)
Background story… :thinking:
She grow up well taken care of and her family showed her the ugly side of life (the very poor class), since then she has always wanted to help the unfortunate. It made her feel good giving. Her family was always supportive of her (until recent events? Your choice)

Character 2: sarcast and laid back… :thinking: (not going to lie, this one took me the longest)
While growing up, she always got into trouble. But who could stop her? She was curious about everything and adventures. If she had to pick a parent, it’d be her dad.
(:no_mouth: I couldn’t come up with anything else)

Character 3: shy and rich… :thinking:
Growing up, people would be her friend because she was rich. Some of her “friends” tried to use her. Now meeting new people becomes a challenge for her due to being used.


I credit Amani for that outfit.

I love all of these, they’re great. The second one is so much like me, with your addition. Thank you! :blush:


You are welcome :pray:


She’s a Female and can you do both…?


Female needing both… good girl or bad girl?
Main character or side character?


She is a Good Girl who eventually becomes a Bad Girl But I’m stuck on like how a back story! And she’s the Main Character