Anyone needs a writer/artist? Helper? Grammar checker?

Hii everyone! I want to get back to writing stories yet I can’t due to being busy with the education. So, soon I can get back to writing BUT I thought to myself… why can’t I get into it slowly by helping people?

So here I am. If you need a writing partner/ personal free artist(after I finish a few requests) /feedback giver/ grammar checker (I’m 22f, English isn’t my first language yet I study English university and do get really good grades so if I can write essays I surely can correct grammar)
I just want to help peeps and make some friends along the way :blush: have discord/ ig if needed!


Hey! Super cool of you to do this! :sunglasses:

I’m totally down for a fellow episode friend/feedback giver/grammar checker!
Lmk if you’d rather work on unpublished or published stories, or if you just wanna hang out on dc/ig :heartpulse:

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i dont mind unpublished stories u can pm me ur discord if you want to cause thats where im mostly online

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Me I need a co/writer