Anyone needs a writing buddy?

Hey guys! I am currently writing my own story, but I want to make the one with somebody else. I’ve got a lot of ideas but it kinda bore me to code everything . Does anybody need a partner in coding, editing or writing? You can have your own idea or we can work on mine. The story will be on your episode profile. I promise I won’t steal ideas or claim story we work on as my own. Pinky promise:)
Oh, and I really don’t like the Classic style, if that’s what it’s called, so I won’t work on that kind of story.


I kinda wanted a partener to help with some ideas…

Okay, my ig is @nina07_episode, dm me there:)

I want a coding buddy…anybody interested?

Dm me on instagram, I might be interested if the idea is good

Actually I will give parts of coding. Like a particular scene.
Will you be able to do it?
I created a topic titled
PLEASE help me code this.
Please check it out.

Aw, too bad I taught you wanted to write a story. Anyways, I’ll check it out and see if I can help:)

Thank you!!

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Hi! Would you like some help? (::

Okay, what’s it about?

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No, I can just help. I don’t have any completed stories as of the moment.

Ah, sorry, I read wrongly :joy:

Btw, I don’t want to work on completed story, I want to create one with sb

I have inspiration but when I start coding I just lose it because I need to work a lot on it, so I need to split out work:)

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