Anyone needs covers



Hey anyone needs a background just write this form and i will make it


CHARACTERS: (sent a picture)

dm me for more


TITLE: The Way You Bullied Me
SCENE: School

Left one is Gabriella, right one is main character, Madison
MOOD: Gabriella looks sassy and mean. Madison looks annoyed and mad.
WEATHER: Spring/Summer
DESCRIPTION: A girl named Madison is getting bullied on the internet by a girl named Gabriella, who goes to her school. Madison decides how she should deal with the situation. Will she defeat Gabriella? Or will she go down in h word?:fire:
DETAILS: font-cool, looks a little vintage, shine on both girls


you need a more spesific picture


Ok like this


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can you give me a picture in 640x 1136x ?


Can you give me an example of that size?


what do you mean?


I don’t understand the thing where you said can you give me a picture in so and so size


can you make the picture you send me bigger the exact size i want it to be 640x 1136x


Ok, I’ll try since it’s a screenshot, it might be hard.


This is the original size.