Anyone needs help with proofreading? FOR FREE

Hey everyone!

I’m looking to proofread for someone’s story for free to gain more experience within the Episode app to learn how it works more. I have started writing scripts for my own stories so I do know, a bit of the coding as well, but I took a pause from writing because it is exhausting lol

I had a proofreading class in the school program I graduated from so I hope I can be of help to someone. If anyone is interested you can contact me on IG I just made an account dedicated to Episode. @tsunamibaby.writes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, Can you proof read my story?
I don’t have any sneak peeks or trailers yet because my story is not quite ready.
I’m open to suggestion or insights and I’m willing to credit you in my story.
Or just tell me what you think?
I only need someone to read the first three episodes.

Title: Dive into you
Author: Rahdia
IG: th3punkprincess08.episodeart
Genre: Drama, Romance
STORY: Xena was once a promising swimmer but after losing her mother, she never hit the waters. After meeting her idol; she starts to gain her confidence again as well as his love. Will she ever swim again?
Episodes: 3 (UPCOMING)
Art styles will be done by me
Full CC, choices (don’t affect story), Limelight


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Also I have another story you can read as well.
The first part of the story is finished and I’m still working on the second part.

Story: You’re an average college student but you find out you must marry the cold-hearted crown prince. Will you pull through or will you change the monarchy for the better?
Author: Rahdia
Episodes: 38 (on going)
Genre: Drama, Romance
FULL CC, Choices (Don’t really affect the story) , Type-in choices as well.

Cover design by: @Fiffy

Thank you & I truly appreciate it!

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Hey Rahdia, thank you for allowing me to proofread your story, I am excited. I will stay up tonight to read as much as I can and I will give you some feedback most likely tomorrow from what I will read tonight and we can take it from there sounds good? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sounds perfect thank you!

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