Anyone of png outlines I can use for practicing my art?

Hey peeps. I’m just looking for outlines of episode characters or something like that to practicing shades techniques etc! If you have any you would let me use (with credit) I would be forever thankful!! I am thinking about opening up or joining a shop once school is out. But I’m hesitant because I have a job and will be working part time all summer and will have to start looking for colleges becoming a senior in highschool! But anyway let me know if u have spare outlines I can use loves!


Here are two of my old sketches. If you do use them, all I ask is that you leave my signature untouched and if you post your version, to credit my art account ( on IG) for the outline ◡̈
Sorry there’s not more, these are the only copyright free outlines i have


First off!! Welcome to forums love! And second thank u so much

THANK U AS WELL!! These are absolutely stunning! I’ll be sure to tag u both of I use ur outlines!