Anyone on here born in the 90s?

Hi!! You must be confused by reading the title “Anyone on here born in the 90s?”.
Of course, there are people who were born in the 90s! Anyways, getting to my point, if you were and you wouldn’t mind filling out this little questionnaire, it would be amazing! The MC in my story is 27-years-old and I am 14-years-old. Big difference there. I know about early 2000s things, but 90s things? Not much. So help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!!! xxx
What were highlights of the 90s for kids?
What was your childhood like? What were the toys, games, and things you did?
Shows and movies that you watched as a kid?
Things you wore?
Overall favorite thing about growing up! :grin:
Anything else you feel is important to add!


Sadly I wasn’t born in the 90s. I’m 15 years old! :blob_hearts:


You could always search it up or ask any older relatives or friends since they went through the 90s! :sparkles:

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I hope you find your answers @epy.neha ! :blob_hearts:

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I wish!!!


Omg me too!! It seems like such a perfect, lively time to grow up!! :grinning:


Thank you! xxx

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What were highlights of the 90s for kids? Kids spent A LOT OF TIME AT THE MALL.

What was your childhood like? What were the toys, games, and things you did? I remember being really into Tamagotchi, and my sister had a Furby. Pokemon also first became popular in the 90s. I think it was a big decade for virtual pets!

Shows and movies that you watched as a kid? Cartoons! I don’t think there were quite as many live action kids shows in the 90s as there were in the 2000s, and even the ones there were had puppets or some kind of cute animal-like character. I watched a lot of Nickelodeon, but also Cartoon Network. I really liked Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls. So I was big into animation with girl groups fighting super villains.

Things you wore? Overalls, platform shoes, flavored lip balm. ALL the girls in my school had bangs except for me because my hair was too curly. :sweat_smile: Flannel.

Overall favorite thing about growing up! :grin: I just miss everything about the 90s.

Anything else you feel is important to add! Even though I had a computer in my house, my online time was very limited because the dial-up internet was expensive. We didn’t use phones/texting, but we did use instant messenger apps on the computer. Everything was left aligned. Pretty much everyone used AIM.


omg girl you’re so lucky you grew up in the 90s, sounded like you had such a fun childhood!!
I definitely watched cartoons as a child (I have an older brother who was born in the early 2000s as well) and we both watched re-runs of the Powerpuff Girls whenever they came on!
We also were big fans of Tom and Jerry and also Tintin for some reason?
And oo yes, I know bangs were a huge thing. My mom made me get bangs when I was little, I absolutely destested them. :joy:


o/ hi! I was born in 91 so I hope this helps. Before I begin, I feel like I need to preface that after I turned 4, I was raised in a small town in the South in the US so that could alter my answers compared to somebody who might have been born in the city or somewhere in a place that it snows. Lol lots of varying factors.

This was before videos games REALLY hit it off. While we had consoles (Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, original Playstation) we didn’t play on them as much as kids play games today. Even in the hot, humid Florida weather we would spend so many hours outside. I remember exploring woods, playing in the rain and mud (lost a sands in mud once and never found it lol), drinking from the water hose. Lots of make believe games and running and chasing.

Everything was so bright and colorful in the 90’s! Food, toys, fashion. We had things like purple and green ketchup, fruit shaped Trix and Trix yogurt, 3D doritos. Lisa Frank was HUGE and all of her bright designs. And kids dressed less fashionably forward and more… Kid like? Lol I don’t know how describe it, but we certainly didn’t look like mini adults.

For outside games, we played stuff like tag, freeze tag, hide n seek, red Rover, red light green light, Simon says, Jackpot.

As for console games? Pokémon Stadium on Nintendo 64 was the BOMB. I also had Hey You Pikachu which was a voice activated game that came with a mic, and Zelda Ocarina of Time. All of the rest of the video games I played were more adult centered so I’m not the proper one to ask for this question. Lol

Shows and movies? Disney was huge as it is now. So think Hercules, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast. Space Jam was also a huge hit! Jumanji, Sand Lot, Home Alone, Matilda (one of my favorites!), Hook, Fern Gully, Babe.

For the most part kids either watched Disney for cartoons, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon. So stuff like Duck Tales, Recess, Pepper Ann, Kim Possible, The Proud Family , Talespin, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Gargoyles for Disney. Cartoon Network had courage the cowardly dog, Johnny Bravo, Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Kids Next Door and a ton more. There’s so many cartoons and movies, I could spend a whole post on them. Lol

I remember I used to watch Saturday cartoons as well on WB17 which was Digimon, Pokémon, Power Rangers, and Yu Gi Oh. Lol

Honestly my fondest memories of my childhood from the 90’s was how I spent so much time with my friends. Whether it was inside playing games when it stormed, or running amok outside. We weren’t particularly supervised and we had a whole neighbourhood out in the country to run wild in. Acres and acres at our disposal. Everything was physical. You played in person instead of over the internet and that’s not something you really see today.


I played a LOT of video games in the 90s, but at the time that was considered really nerdy. Today it’s definitely more widely accepted.

I remember thinking the bangs were so cool, but now when I look back on 90’s style bangs… yikes!


Aw omg this kind of sounds like my childhood too!! (early one) I definitely used to and still do hang with my friends and we always play outside (like a lot). Thank you this was really, really helpful!!! It sounds like your childhood was filled with fun and joy :grin:

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Yeah that’s true. I remember my mom and dad used to play video games together a lot and their friends used to make fun of them haha
and yeah when I see pictures of my mom and her friends (my mom didn’t have bangs, but her friends did) they kind of freak me out a little

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I played quite a bit, but I think nowhere near the amount that I did when I was a teenager. Lol it was something we definitely gravitated to eventually.

I don’t even wanna talk about bangs. I haven’t had them since the 90’s and my mom used to get them cut. I looked so BAD with then. :joy:

I hope it helps! And it was! I was very lucky and blessed to have a good one. I used to babysit back around 2009/2010 and I remember that most interactions the older girl had with her friends was over text and it was cooler to do this than hang out and play childish games and it just bummed me out so much. Lol


Yeah, I get it, I really try not to be on my phone so much because I don’t want to miss out on the world and my friends!
And yes, the whole concept of bangs just makes me go eeekkk

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I was born in 1999 but the early 2000’s still had a many of the 90’s things, like playing out with the local kids was still a thing. The care and happiness of world was still there too. The differences aren’t too obvious so I think your story will still be good.

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I mean there’s nothing wrong with having a phone and a way to communicate with your friends, don’t get me wrong (even growing up in the 90’s I STILL hate talking on the phone and get really bad phone anxiety), but you’re right that if you spend TOO much time then there’s so much that you’re going to miss. After all, we managed to have fun without one when we were kids. Phones are wonderful tools, I just hate seeing kids spend their whole lives on one.


If you are interested in learning about the 90s, VH1 did a show called “I love the 90s,” where each episode had comedians and other celebrities reminiscing about major trends and events in the 90s. It was pretty entertaining to watch as a 90s kid, but it also might tell you a lot about the decade as a 2000s kid.

It looks like there’s a Youtube account called ILoveTheVH1 which has the episodes.


Aw thank you! Yeah the early 2000s (2000-2006) I think were still a time where things were pretty similar. I don’t things started changing until phones and ipads and all that started coming out.


That sounds really cool! Thanks for letting me know about it. I will definitely check it out xxx

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