Anyone Open for Background Requests?

Hey, so as the title says, I’m looking for someone that’s open for background requests. I’ve searched through the forums but all the threads seem to be from last year and even further back.

I’m looking to have a very specific background made. I may be willing to pay (in CAD dollars) as long as I can see some examples of your work. I’m looking for a more episode style rather than realistic but I am open for options.

I need a studio apartment, with specific details that I can share with you privately if you’re interested! Also, if you’d be interested in working with me on this story by making any backgrounds I may need, I’m totally up for that as well!

As always, credit will be given regardless.

I believe they are open for background commissions, they do amazing backgrounds you can also see her examples on her kofi

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Oh wow they are amazing! Her commissions are closed at the moment, I’ll have to look back but thank you!!

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Oh sorry about that! :sob:

Hmm… I know a few who do commissions but I’m not sure if they’re open right now.

@amepisode & @Wenna.Mac (you may have better luck trying Wenzii’s instagram though)
Wenzii (@wenna.mac.wr1tes) • Instagram photos and videos

She does them but you have to pay via Kofi
FlamingRose :fire::rose::greece: (@flamingroseep) • Instagram photos and videos

Lastly, I think @Cheyara_Skadi does background commissions too but I might be wrong


Nope, you’re not wrong at all, I do indeed take commissions for backgrounds :slightly_smiling_face:

@kaiden_doestuff I work more with realistic style backgrounds though, and charge in GBP currency.

If you’d like to discuss any background commissions you can reach out to me via DM here, or on my instagram @cheyara_writes58

You can also see lots of examples of my work on my Insta, and on my Background Drive Thread here. (You might have to find that via my profile, under topics, as I don’t have the link right now lol)

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