Anyone Play Any Instruments?

Does anyone else here play any instruments? If so, which one(s)? What type of music do you like to play?

I play the flute, piccolo, piano, and ukulele and I like to play music from the Romantic Era and current pop music.


My friend Alexandria (@Alexmiw) plays the guitar :guitar: :metal2:


Guitar for. Uhh. Many years. I can barely handle bass and have a rundimentary understanding of drums and keyboards, but that’s mainly theoretical. Also a halfway decent singer.


I’ve played guitar for just under a year.
I played the penny fluet when I was 7.
And I serious played (as in had classes and sht) The cornet for four years.

But I can play most brass instruments. :woman_shrugging::tipping_hand_woman::sunglasses:

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I play Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar

I’ve only just started on Bass so I’m not amazing but I do pick up things very quickly if they are musical.

I started playing guitar last year around July and I guess I just stuck with it.


So far on bass I’ve only learnt simple things such as:

  • Money - Pink Floyd
  • Get Back - The Beatles
  • Feel good inc - Gorillaz
  • DARE - Gorillaz
  • 19~2000 - Gorillaz
  • On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
  • Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

This is not a flex, I just don’t know how to describe my music taste at all

(Gorillaz got me into bass, I like the funk of their songs)

Acoustic Guitar

I don’t have a theme nor a pattern for the music I play on guitar because I love nearly ALL kinds of music, but here are some songs I’ve learnt:

  • Fake plastic Tree’s - Radiohead
  • Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
  • Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
  • Aint not rest for the wicked - Cage the elephant
  • Twist N Shout - The Beatles
  • Wonderwall - Oasis
  • Don’t look back in anger - Oasis
  • Hey there Delilah - Plain White Tee’s
  • Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield
  • A thing called love - Johnny cash
  • Can’t help falling in love - Elvis Presley

This isn’t everything but it’s an insight on my “Music taste”

This is not a flex, I just don’t know how to describe my music taste at all


I Play The Piano, Organ, Drums, Guitar And Ukulele


I Play classical guitar and I like '700/'800 music


I play piano and guitar

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Does my vocal chords count as an instrument?

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Haha, yeah I totally think so.

That’s honestly so cool that you like all those different kinds of artists.

Also, I love The Beatles and am currently learning to play songs by them on flute lol

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I play cello in an orchestra.

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I play the piano since I was four yrs old

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