Anyone recognise these BG's?

Hey! I wanted to use some of these backgrounds in my story but I have no idea who they belong to, help?

The image is not loading for me, but where did you find them? On the internet? If it’s on the internet, better not use it in case it’s copyrighted. You can use things from public domain websites like Pixabay.

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Stock photos is good as well.

No, it was in the ‘shared with me’ folder in my drive so I’ve probably found them through an instagram account. Just my luck that I forget the @ :persevere:

And this is totally off topic, but I think I have the same computer as you.

Who was it shared from?

Haha really? What’s yours?

A lenovo

No idea, usually there’s a credit note on it but this one doesn’t have one :frowning:

I’ve got a Cube i9

Click on the gmail icon of who’s folder it is. Myabe it gives a hint or something who insta it is.

The owner is Mace Patton, maybe someone knows her @

i see 2 copyrighted backgrounds. So best to use for backgrounds, and

Don’t use that drive, as yet until I can confirm that maybe some of those backgrounds look copyrighted.

Okay, thank you :relaxed:

Check on Pintrest and Instagram see if the person comes up.

Believe me, we will figure it out. I’m sorry I just had to :laughing:

And yeah, I noticed two of the BG’s come form Deviant Art (the pink bedroom ones). I wouldn’t use backgrounds from this folder, be cautious :heart:


Also, feel free to check out this: 📝 Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators!

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Lol I thought that was animated. Cause I use two of them before and they were rejected XDDDD

Gotta be VERY CAUTIOUS about these backgrounds on people drive. XD

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I uploaded them as well and they got rejected…then I noticed a watermark on them :confounded:

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yep, saw it to. lol

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