Anyone recognise this story?!

So I remember reading this story, but I don’t remember finishing it, and I can’t remember the name. It’s also not in my favourites.

I’m not going to reveal any ‘spoilers’ but here are some facts about the story, and If you can think of anything, please lmk!:

MC was a past stripper and she gets offered a job with a famous company. There are 2 LI, the boss and his partner (who’s name was Shane). Shane was also in a sort of gang, that the manager left when his girlfriend (Shane’s sister) fell pregnant. she also died. and the manager’s daughter was called Honey.

MC also lived in an apartment with a stripper friend who was called Diamond, who was in love with Shane. (I can’t remember the name of the manager sorry!) This is a detail, but maybe a bit graphic so !TW! : MC was also a rape and home abuse victim.

I’m sorry if it’s not very clear, but I’ve searched everywhere lol.

Stripped I think

that’s it! Thank you lol

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Stripped by Chantelle M!

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