Anyone speak Finnish?

My story has a scene where the characters are in Finland and they talk to a local. I just need to know if the dialogue is correct

Hey I’m half Finnish but I don’t speak :sob: what I do know is there might be someone in this thread who does if you ask?
Are there any Nordic or scandinavic folks here?
What languages do you speak? Any suggestions?
-sorry if they aren’t helpful ;-;
(Also change the category of this thread to “general chat” so it doesn’t get closed :two_hearts:)

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I was going to put it in general chat, but as it is specifically for my story, I put it in for creators corner


perhaps @inkkee or @SydeWeiz can help out with the Finnish translations?

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Didn’t know people knew I spoke finnish


I’m native finnish! Do you still need help?

Also thanks @JemU776 for the tag

Can you confirm this is correct?

And this:

Yes it’s mostly correct. here’s something you might wanna change

‘‘Tämä on aviomies’’ It means this is a husband. If you tried to say this is my husband, it’d be ‘‘Tämä on aviomieheni, Ernie’’.

And i’d put this: ‘‘olemme kotoisin Melbourne Australia’’ and change it a little to’’ Olemme kotoisin Melbourne Austaliasta.’’

And idk if it’s on purpose, but Hyvästi does mean goodbye but it’s means literally goodbye, not very casual if you understand what I mean. I’d maybe use: heippa or moikka. (you can keep the hyvästi also if you want.) Also maybe yu might wanna add ‘‘oli kiva tavata’’ so it means it was nice to meet you since they’re saying goodbye to each other,