Anyone takes a month to write 100 lines?

Anyone takes a month to write 100 lines? I do cause if i write 2 or 3 lines i would just say eh… i am proud of myself…Let’s write tomoorrow…THe next day I m like Hmm should i write the story…NAHHHHH BRUH


nah. lol

100 no. 1000 yes haha.


100 lines of dialogue? Or 100 lines of dialogue and directing? Either way, no. 100 lines will only take me an hour or two probably.


Lmao :joy: I just took I day to write 200 lines damn, Now i feel better about myself.

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I write 10 lines a day lol

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Nope, I write 1000+ a day, depends on coding obvi

Depending on how I’m feeling and what I’m internally struggling with at that time? Yes, it does take me like a month to write 100 lines. There are days where I only write 5-20 lines a day and I have to stop because I’m not feeling it. There are also days where I write 1000 or so if I have time and am SUPER inspired. It just depends. Then there are many days where I don’t write at all because I simply can’t for whatever reason. It’s probably why I’m so bad at writing. Lol


I feel called out by this? :joy:

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