Anyone that can do edits/splashes?

Hey everyone! I am in need of two edits for my new story, ‘Left Broken’ One will basically pop up at the start of each episode with details like my instagram eg, and the other will be for my small cover/or a This Story Will Be Continued sign at the end.

If you can make one of those two, or even better, if you can make both please reply :revolving_hearts:

Ari (MC)
skin; Taupe
eyebrows: mature round
hair: straight (colour) auburn
eyes: upturned feline
face shape: round
nose: hooked
lips: full round (ruby red)

(If you are interested reply and I’ll give you the other MC details. If you are interested in doing the splashes, also reply and I’ll give you the details of the author, (me)) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


these should be splashes

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thanks sm for pointing that out haha

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I can do the splashes if it’s not too late


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okay thankyou! Here are the details
body: taupe
eyebrows: thick flat
hair: beach wave (Brown)
eyes: upturned feline (green)
face shape: round
nose: hooked
lips: full round (taupe)

all of that was for me (the author)

it would be nice if you could say instagram: jessrosewrites_ and this story will be continued on it.

other than that, everything is up to you. I’ll also give you credit for making it
thanks so much for replying :star:

okay thanks for the help

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Any outfit details?

Something like this? Just an idea, doesnt have to be anything like it! Once again, thank you so much!!