Anyone that can give me some tips on art?


Yeah the title says it all- I started doing digital art and it really does not work out for me. I know nothing about how to use the app although I do know its a really good app.

So, I was looking for someone I can ask for some tips and how to do something and things like that.
…so anyone?


May I know what app are you using?

Every app has their own different technique of doing things.


Hey Kate! :black_heart:

Just a few tips:

1: Practice, Practice, Practice.
Practicing is how you improve. No one starts out as an expert. Start working one body part at a time and add details as you go.

2: Don’t compare yourself to other artists
That’s a big no no. I told a friend of mine, “There will always be someone better, more experienced than you.”
Sounds harsh but, it’s the truth. The sooner you learn to accept that your art will never be the exact same as your favorite artist, the better. You can improve in your own way, come up with your OWN unique style and save yourself a lot of heartache.

3: Use Basic tutorials
Not anything too complicated as it will leave you confused. Try simple tutorials, that way you can play around and change it the way you want it to be.

4:Don’t start off making art for other people.
As in, don’t make an art thread immediately. People can be very specific, and sometimes a little demanding. Start making art for yourself so you can find the joy in creating things.

5: Have Fun
Art can be stressful at times. If you notice you’re not enjoying it or it’s mentally stressing you out, take a break from it. Go relieve your stress and come back to it later.

btw, if you’re using ibispaintx, pm me and I can help you with learning the tools.

Hope this helps. :black_heart:


Ibis paint x I just started using it


Thank you so much! You’ve given me massive loads of help.


Hey, actually I started digital art at the beginning of this year so I might be a little new than to others but I can give you tips! I constantly practice and find out cool techniques.

For an easy guide by IBIS PANIT themselves, they have a tutorial!