Anyone that listens to Il Volo?

Do you listen to Il Volo? I really love their songs! I live in Italy, and it’s where they come from, but I’ve heard that they’re more famous in foreign countries… is that true?


Oh my God, I’ve only recently found out about them, but THEY’RE SO FREAKING AMAZING :sob: :sob: :sob:

Their voices are golden, I wish I could sing as well as them, ugh :tired_face:

Also, just cause I’m curious, are you originally from Italy? It’s such a beautiful country with an equally beautiful culture and language :sparkling_heart:


I come from Italy and there are so many beautiful places. If you like Italy and one day you would like to visit it I suggest you visit Florence, Rome and Naples which are beautiful cities full of history and art(Sorry for my english)

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Io sono andata 3 volte ad un loro concerto😍
E mia sorella si è fatta anche una foto con loro,sono bravissimi hanno una voce meravigliosa

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Un’altra fan del Volo @Ivyberg1

Tu sei mai stata ad un loro concerto?

Io no purtroppo

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Grande amoreeeeeeee (I’m Italian too)

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Troppo carini da piccoliiiiii

Che carini in quella foto😍

I also like il volo :heart_eyes:

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Ecco iii :heart_eyes:

Thank you. Come to Italy

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