Anyone think this shelf is now useless

Okay not useless but…anyone miss the

Pitch perfect

Stories that put you in your favorite media. Demi was my 1st story so im bias but it feels like theres no more of these…and makes episodes sometimes feel dead. The raunchy featured gem sucking featured stories dont help this.

It feels like this shelf is just taking up space sadly and I remember the old era of episdoes where the movie based stories were actually fun n decent to read…

Now it seems like we dont have that at all just raunchy feature stories about whos sleeping with who/how to seduce the person you love/how to not be like other gurls type of junk


most definitely almost all the sponsor stories are basically gone.


Yes. Without the Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, or Demi Lovato Series, I see no point. They might as well make a different shelf, like historical or mafia.


Im bias but a black/POC shelf

They made one for LGBT and even had the feature shelf more stories cuz of pride month

Itd be nice if black voices were heard all year round instead of febuary same with all POC instead if just specific months under the guise of inclusive

Plus its hard to find not forced but still racially diverse stories here

Edit; A historical shelf would be nice n.n

Heck even a FULL CC shelf so ppl can know where to go



Do people read stories from this specific shelf nowadays at all? :no_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Right! How could I forget? I’d love to see a Black shelf, and not just one as a contest winner shelf. Same with Arabic, Muslim, ones with a disability, all in one!


I didn’t even know this shelf was still up lol


I’d like to see diverse shelves such as the ones that Audacious_Writer mentioned above. And Jewish shelf.

If you ask me, I think they should make each diverse shelf more according to the main character(s). I’ll give an example so people can understand what I mean - let’s assume that they made a Jewish sheld. If already, it’d be better if they included stories with Jewish MC into the shelf (hope I made it clear). I want the diverse shelves’ purpose to be mainly promoting representation of anything that you would consider a diversity (religion, culture, race, disability, etc.)


Fr! Never seeing black authors and black stories being on the front page is so annoying.


Like…if we aint getting hairstyles

Can we at least get a shelf Pfft :roll_eyes:


Yeah, pretty much tbh.

Sadly, I agree. Pretty Little Liars was one of the first stories on Episode that I ever read so I’m a bit biased too hehe. I miss reading stories life PLL because 1: The art style. Something you’ll only see from that shelf. And 2: the story line! It was actually-- good! I feel like the newer Episode original stories are watered-down, money-grabbing, stories re-written from it’s original version (if there is one) in like 5 minutes. I hate reading them but sometimes ya girl is desperate for gems. I hate to say that Episode’s tactics are working on me :crying_cat_face: I wish Episode still made stories like they used to :slightly_frowning_face:


Dw they are for me too >_> got a few stories im skimmin through for gems alone


Well this is what happens when you give up a watermelon for a sesame…

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