Anyone to be my coding partner and help with my first story?

Hello to the best community! :heavy_heart_exclamation: My name is Juliana and I’m from Brazil :brazil:

I have a story in mind, I even started writing it (twice) but I’m not very good with coding and I end up feeling demotivated to keep on going with the story. With that, I decided to look for a coding partner who can also give me suggestions on the story and make this story that I dreamed to come true!

I would give full credit to your coding work.

Thanks in advance, guys!!


I do coding for $4/episode
If the episode is bit smaller we can work out with some discounts too
Dm me if you are interested

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Hey!! I would like to be your coding partner since I know how it is for to deal (at first)
I know coding pretty well . So, If you want me as your partner you can send me a message Sweetheart