Anyone Up For A Art Trade? 💞

I really want to do a trade since my art style is getting better. I’m mia at times but I’ll always do my part. I sometimes draw my own clothing and hair.

My Examples

What you see is what I make so no males (sorry but I’m trying a different femine style.) It takes me a day or 2 depending on how I make it. Let me know if you want it waist up or shoulders up and if an outfit is too complex then I’ll change it.Like fishnets or those ugly jackets people always wear.


Hi there! I made a thread for people who’d like to do edit/ art trades if you’re interested in checking it out! Sorry if you’re not haha :sweat_smile:
Here’s the link: Edit & Art Trades Thread

I already did. I thought this would let me have a better chance of being noticed.

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Oh, ok! Sorry lol :heart:

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Also I’ll probably do 2 trades at a time. I can try to do multiple people in one if you have a shared account. :heartbeat:

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I’d be interested. You already know my style. :kissing_heart:

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Will you do it in episode style or your realistic one? Also since we live in the same house you can do it whenever :joy:

Bump :purple_heart:

I know right, I hate all the details and folds on them.
Can we do a trade? Here are my deets:


Any outfit of pose is fine.

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Ofc :two_hearts:

I have no hair, outfit, or pose preference. :revolving_hearts:

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I’m such a potato but I keep redrawing it. My brain changes the theme up all the time but hopefully it’ll be done soon.

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Oml I forgot about this :shushing_face:
Is it okay that I make it summer/beach theme? I just miss the Beach, haven’t been to one in almost 2 years :cry:

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Omg I was thinking the same. Yasss

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Bump :tada:

I never put up new examples :sweat_smile:

Some of my examples

Don’t steal my art. Please and thank you!

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you close this for me? It’s out dated and I’ll make a new one in the future :two_hearts:

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