Anyone Up For A Art Trade? ๐Ÿ’ž

I really want to do a trade since my art style is getting better. Iโ€™m mia at times but Iโ€™ll always do my part. I sometimes draw my own clothing and hair.

My Examples

What you see is what I make so no males (sorry but Iโ€™m trying a different femine style.) It takes me a day or 2 depending on how I make it. Let me know if you want it waist up or shoulders up and if an outfit is too complex then Iโ€™ll change it.Like fishnets or those ugly jackets people always wear.


Hi there! I made a thread for people whoโ€™d like to do edit/ art trades if youโ€™re interested in checking it out! Sorry if youโ€™re not haha :sweat_smile:
Hereโ€™s the link: Edit & Art Trades Thread

I already did. I thought this would let me have a better chance of being noticed.

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Oh, ok! Sorry lol :heart:

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Also Iโ€™ll probably do 2 trades at a time. I can try to do multiple people in one if you have a shared account. :heartbeat:

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Iโ€™d be interested. You already know my style. :kissing_heart:

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Will you do it in episode style or your realistic one? Also since we live in the same house you can do it whenever :joy:

Bump :purple_heart:

I know right, I hate all the details and folds on them.
Can we do a trade? Here are my deets:


Any outfit of pose is fine.

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Ofc :two_hearts:

I have no hair, outfit, or pose preference. :revolving_hearts:

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Iโ€™m such a potato but I keep redrawing it. My brain changes the theme up all the time but hopefully itโ€™ll be done soon.

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Oml I forgot about this :shushing_face:
Is it okay that I make it summer/beach theme? I just miss the Beach, havenโ€™t been to one in almost 2 years :cry:

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Omg I was thinking the same. Yasss

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Bump :tada:

I never put up new examples :sweat_smile:

Some of my examples

Donโ€™t steal my art. Please and thank you!

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you close this for me? Itโ€™s out dated and Iโ€™ll make a new one in the future :two_hearts:

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