Anyone up for a read for read or gem for gem

Hey guys. I would like to promote mine and @Catniss new story. Fabled: Boundless Wishes.

You can find it in my profile jpassen.

Would anyone like to do an R4R or gfg?

I love Fabled: Boundless Wishes! Check it out! https// #episode Episode Writer Portal



I would love to do a G4G. How many do you want to do?


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I have three chapters out right now and the support the author goes up to 12 gems for each chapter. So I can do 36 gems for you. (I also have get choices in there you can add to it. I have 2 for each chapter)

I will! Im happy to gem 4 gem too, I have a 12 option so if you do we can do 36? 12 per chap for the first 3?

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I would love to do r4r, I can do 30 gems max, I dont have support author. only gem choices.

Title: the cursed prince.
Description: Prince Valor is cursed to hear the whisper of evil. That is until a street singer silences the voices, but will she be his solution or his undoing?

Other: CC, mini-games. diversity. cheap gem choices there are not essential to the plot but interesting anyway. especially recommend the first gem choice in Chapter 2.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Small cover art credit to @lyne.digitart

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Cool. I’ll start urs today.

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Works for me. I’ll match the 30.

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I will send screenshot on insta.

Awesome lmk when youre starting and we can send proof, do you have insta so i can send videos of the gems?

I’ll do the same.

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Will do and I’ll do the same.

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Just wanted to say your cover looks gorgeous !!

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Awe thank you. Vampira did it well the small cover

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Just finished urs. Sent urs through IG.

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Sounds good to me.



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This is the link to my story

Drop yours
Make sure you send SS here or


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Sure. U do the same. Is it an R4R or g4g?

What’s your IG so I can send u everything.


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