Anyone up for making me a COVER?

Hi! I have this new story that I’m writing and I need a big and small cover. I would do it myself but it would turn out poop. If you’re up for the challenge, please reply.

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I wouldn’t mind making it for you if it’s not too complex :wink:. Pm me the details.

Do you have Instagram?

Yeah. It’s @angelic_lynn.episode. I don’t have many examples on their though.

If you still need a cover I could make it.

Do you have an Instagram?

No but I can send you my examples. If you want.

Yes please.

My Covers

the details are:
skin honey, brows defined natural, hair long feathered chestnut, eye upturned feline auburn, face oval, nose elven and lips full round taupe.

skin caramel, brows thin arch, hair spiked up hair grey, eye stoic almond brown, face defined triangle, nose button and lips uneven taupe.

*since It doesn’t work with me, I can’t send photos.
outfit girl: key necklace, black halter basic, black beach day skater shoes and purple spotted high waisted pants.

outfit boy: ripped punk pants, black hipster high top sneakers and muscle tank white.

both are facing left and the boy is standing at the right and the girl is standing at the left.
girl: idle_sad
boy: blush

The background should be a street with graffitis and the title should be in cursive. Please had how wrote it.
Title: My Muted Love

Thank you.

I will make as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Here is your Request. If you don’t like something then just write me.


Thank you so much!

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