Anyone wanna be a personal artist?❤

So i really want a personal artist because i have nooo idea to do what you do! Some of you like to draw for fun i cant draw and for some reason none of the backgrounds or overlays are never good for my story! :sweat_smile: if you could be my personal artist it would mean the worlddd to me :yum: ok byeee :blush: :pleading_face:

P.S there wont be much to draw just in case some people dont like to draw allllllll the time heh ok now im going :kissing_smiling_eyes: :heart:

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I’d be happy to help if you still need one :slight_smile:

sure! not many people have seen this yet but i’d be glad if you want to help :grinning:
and also do you know why on your first day there’s a limit to how much you can reply? :thinking:

Not sure. I didn’t really go on forums at all on my first day :sweat_smile:

oh well thanks anyway :grinning:

If you’d give me more info, my examples:


I do not just pfps, also since I got some good tips, I’m gonna improve them. Also the Ink example is pretty old.

they’re really good!