Anyone wanna be friends? [CLOSED]


Hellooo! I’m looking for an episode bestie (or internet friend) to be a nice person who I know I can talk to easily. All you need to do is reply to this message with your instagram, and I’ll starts talking to you!
Just to let you know, my name is Hester and I’m 15. I just want friends but I swear I’m a nice person to talk to. My instagram is Hebbyelizabeth . Byeeeeeeeee




Katiexoxoart is My ig


Heloooo it’s me.
(lol, I promise I’m not crazy…:sweat_smile:)

And… I don’t have insta,lol


MEEEE! loll mines is @dianaa.episode


Hey guys,
I am looking for an episode writer who knows almost all the basics and complexes in writing episode stories.
We could both collaborate and you could be mi amiga favorita! Let be besties and make cool and creative stories together.


@HebbyEliza hie, my insta id is @shona_episode. i will add you on insta… lets be friends…


Hi, I would like to be friends. My Instagram is r_xx.1


My Instagram is @brianam.stories


Sure my insta is Rayne. Ozbadem.


Haha, looks like you got lots of friends :joy:
And hiiii :hugs:


Added everyone to a chat on instagram (everyone who replied with their instagrams) so hope we can all be friends!