Anyone Wanna be friends?

Hey, I just started the forums yesterday and I was wondering if anyone would like to be friends?? I’m always down for making new friends everyday! If you would like to be friends, my PM’s are always open!
You can also dm me on Instagram!
@LunaGray.Episode is my insta!


I’ll be your friend!:heart:

I will follow you when I get home.

I will totally be your friend!! I’ll DM on Insta in a bit :heart:


Thank you:)

Thank you!

Friends? Maybe?


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No problem!

we can be friends! i followed you. my insta is epi.kels :relaxed:

I feel like imma little late to this party but I’ll be friends??

I’d love to be your friend! :blush:

Ill follow you back!

It’s fine, and yeah sureee. I’m always down for new friends :joy:

Thank you:))

I’ll be your friend!

Hi!!! I’m Arpita Roy… U can call me Roy… First of all welcome to the forum… And ofcourse I am looking forward for a new friend… would love to talk to u… U can dm me on instagram… My instagram page @roy_episode… Will wait for a good long coversation… Love from India… :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

If love to be friends my ig @erika.epy dm me whenever you want.:blush:

I’ll dm you as soon as possible!!

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