Anyone wanna be friends? :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

:blob_hearts:I have met many wonderful people on forums and we vibe for a few moments and never talk again, anywayyysss heres a few thigs abt me:

  • my names Sienna (its on 2 crayola crayons :sunglasses: and it means delicate)

  • im that bitch thats quiet in class and brings 1000 pencils, pens and markers to class :relieved:

  • Once you get to know me im really weird- but extremely patient and loyal and im a good listener

  • im 13 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (almost 14)

  • im an Aquarius

  • im from Miami :beach_umbrella:

  • im Cuban/American and speak fluent Spanish AND english

  • idk what else to put on here ask me anything else in the comments ig



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Hi Cherry!!! Do you have a silly sense of humour ? :grin:

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I think so :sweat_smile:

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lets just say i use alot of memes and inside jokes :thinking:

r u tiktok addict ? :sunglasses:

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is that even a question :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nothing beat a good inside jokes

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yes yes :chef:

hheheheheh I spend a lot of time on tiktok videos instead of school :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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tbh same- :skull:

soooo do you wanna be my friend?

I literally have no idea how to start a conversation :sweat_smile: :sleepy:

uhh ig I’ll also put stuff about myself

  • I’m 13, turning 14 in November
  • I’m from America
  • I’m Jewish
  • I speak Russian and English
  • I’m an INTP
  • I’m in virtual school rn and I hate it
  • I’m writing a story for the reveal contest
    that’s it ig, idk what else to put

are you also waiting superpup msg?? she has been writing a reply and I am waiting hehehehe

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oop same tbh online school sucks :skull: :skull:


i wasnt typing?? :thinking:susygquq8suyg

I was literally binging criminal minds during class for like the past week but now my mom takes my phone during school :sob: :sob:

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also whats the link for that quiz that gives you your personality type :skull: i saw it on tiktok but forgot it

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im on my computer so i minimise zoom and open google and just watch youtube all day long :clown_face: :

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here are 2:

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