Anyone wanna be IBF?

I’m new and I’m dumb :crazy_face:
I’ll give you some facts about myself
-I’m 14 and I’m from Oahu Hawaii (yes Hawaii e-e)
-My name is Genesis and my name is originally from the bible
-I love love love Why Don’t We and Zach Herron and Daniel are my main lanes
-My favorite TV show is Stranger Things (If you binge watch Stranger Things, you’ll become a friend to me immediately
-I have a dog who acts like cat (I mean literally)
-I quote vines
-If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. If you’re rude, I’ll be rude.

Let me know if you wanna be friends! My best friend moved away
If we get closer, I’ll give you more info about me! :slight_smile:


heyy, also new to episode… I. love. vine. do u have twitter?

I’m 14 and from England, name’s Ricky but that’s not what anyone irl calls me :shushing_face:

I have a cat that acts like a dog and love vines, but I haven’t watched any compilations in a while :facepunch::pensive:

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Hey, I recently lost all my friends so I would love to be your ibf!

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Yeah I actually do :slight_smile:

YYAYAYYAAY add me on ig: chxryys

heyyyyy hit me up on IG @zapcatini.episode! we have a lot in common loll

Cool, if you’re interested, my @ is t3jpn or dansandevilden I think :slight_smile:

no results were found lol

I can’t believe you’ve done this. Nyways my insta is @beauemmett.writes if you just want constant memery and vine quoting that no one else seems to get (^_^)/

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