❤ Anyone wanna be in a snapchat group ❤

Anyone wanna be friends on snapchat, if enough people comment there snaps or add me back :ghost:(kyrahasanix) ill make a groupchat
-we can do streaks (wanna get your score up just multisnap me me)
-get to know one another :heart:
-vibe to songs
-tag each other in funny tiktoks
-I’m 14 btw (girl)
-gossip about people
-Episode related or not ill talk to you (help you code etc)
-Or even on tiktok add me and we can tag each other like we’ve known each other since forever :pleading_face:
-talk about netflix shows
-Or even if you like draco we defo should be friends :star_struck:
love you all hope you have a blessed week x


I would like to be friends :smile: :sparkles:
My Snapchat is ssobolu =)

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meee!! my snapchat is rawgirlsavage13

don’t ask i was young :sob::sneezing_face:

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my snap is alicia.11xx

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I would love to be friends, My snap is will_swan2019 (I was obsessed with pirates of the Caribbean at the time lol :sweat_smile:)

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i can’t find you :pensive:

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Here’s my snap code

my snap is lizzypolo2020 !

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